Childcare swap

Babysitter?  You’ve got to be kidding!

The costs have gone up since I was a kid, finding someone we trust to care for the kids is difficult for me and my husband, and just finding someone willing to watch autistic kids can be a challenge. Plus I don’t want to “burden” my friends with kids on the spectrum, either.

So what was I to do when I really really really wanted to take my hubby out for his birthday?

I made arrangements to do a childcare swap with another friend couple who has two kids, one on the spectrum.  (I figured we could both be “burdened” for one evening, LOL!)  My oldest went to grandmas, while my younger two had fun with Mr. and Mrs. D and kids.

There were a lot of preparations.  My friend made sure that her husband was off work so he’d be there to support.  Good call!  We went over the gfcf diet and I provided my son’s food and snacks for the evening. We brainstormed ways to keep my tomboy girly-girl occupied.  And then we just went for it.

It was great! My kids didn’t want to leave!  Their kids didn’t want my kids to leave! But unfortunately running away with hubby for the night was out of the question!

We returned the favor a couple of weeks later.  Same type of preparations regarding snacks, activities, etc.  We had a lot of fun.  I learned a lot about WWII submarines that night.  Never knew that my house  could have so many decks, and I learned to salute.  Things that kids can teach us! Sometimes autistic perseverations are very interesting!

I look forward to doing this again.  I’m already thinking of fun things to do.

This is just one of the reasons why I like my community. Autism is pretty common around here, and other parents are very supportive– even those who have kids who aren’t on the autism spectrum.  I am so glad we live here.

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  1. I completely agree! Our community, family and friends included, are extremely supportive! In the midst of the daily battles, it’s priceless to have this kind of support! I’m glad you had much-needed time with your hubby too! Go team!


  2. Brilliant idea!


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