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Storage, mopped, thighs… what???

I think this record breaking heat has gotten to my oldest kid.  I’ve been really enjoying hearing his vocabulary lately.

For instance, he asked if he could go to the store to buy something.

“Do you have money?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s in storage.”


“Yes, stor-… I mean, savings.”


Hee hee.

He’s also really into driving lately… he turns 16 in a couple of weeks, but is nowhere near ready to drive.  Trust me.  But he’s looking at things like motorcycles and scooters.

He also tends to stay things out of the blue that make no connection to what I’m doing at the time.  One of those times I was… yes… in the kitchen! He came into tell me something highly urgent.

“I want to get a mopped.”

“Huh? You want to mop?”


“You need a mop?  Where’s the mess?”

“NO!!  I want to get a mopped!”

My husband, who was in the living room, responded (and I imagine that he was rolling his eyes), “He means a moped.”

“Yeah, a moped,” he said.  But he needs “paranental” (parental) permission to drive one.

Score two for me for not laughing my head off… out loud, at least.

And the third example I’ll share:

“Stepmom, can we have that thigh stuff with dinner?”

After my initial inward reaction of “Ewwww… gross!!!”, I asked him what he meant.  He got out the yummy Wildtree Thai Sesame Sunbutter sauce in the fridge. (We’re a peanut free company, so our thai sauce is made from sesame and sunflower seeds.) So, we dipped our chicken tenders in the thigh stuff Thai sauce.

Kids say the darnedest things, huh…

I love Lynn’s daughter’s version of “manicure.”  Read about it here.

So what funny things do your kids say?

Preventing the “summer slide”

I’ve been hearing about the “summer slide” lately, or kids losing their academic skills in the summer time and having to make up for it the first few weeks in school.

It's Cheetah Girl!

My daughter is doing crafts.  Construction paper, a stapler, glue, tape, wire, scissors– that’s all she needs to create all sorts of things, like doll clothes, a doll, cards, and costumes (including shoes). I am enjoying her creativity.  My dining and living rooms are disasters are craft rooms right now.

My oldest is working a lot this summer.  Believe me, that’s a great thing.  He’s learning to budget, save, and plan his finances.  He’s also learning to work well with others and appreciate hard work.

My middle guy is in extended school year this summer, AKA ESY, AKA summer school.

I decided to send him because he is going into middle school and I want him to keep up his skills.  I thought about summer camps like the Y, or the therapeutic camps around here for kiddos on the spectrum, but he let me know that he definitely did not want to go to summer day camps.

“No Milestones!(His last camp.)  No camp!”

Can’t get much clearer than that.

So off to ESY he goes, three mornings each week.  I ask him periodically, “Do you like summer school?”

“MMM hmm!” he replies.

That’s great, in Philip-ese.

So I guess it’s so far, so good.  For me– I’m going to be ready for school to begin again.  In fact, I really am intrigued by the year round school idea.  It sounds wonderful to me.  Any of you have experience with this? What do you think?

It’s the little things

As we were riding in our family minivan, my daughter started telling us her “dreams for her life.”  On the top of her list:  “I dream of marrying R.

Philip chimed in, “I dream of being a car rider!” Philip would be happy if he could just get mom or dad to take him to and from school.

I have sometimes wished that I could see into Philip’s world and see his dreams and hopes for himself.  Now I’m starting to wonder if his dreams and hopes are simpler than I think.

A couple days ago, I asked him what he’d like to do in the afternoon.  He just looked at me, smiled, and said, “Whatever I feel like doing.”    No elaborate plans necessary, just “being” was good enough. Usually, his “being” takes place at home.

In fact, both my middle guy and my daughter are happiest at home.  They are homebodies.  This may save us planning and money.  It makes for a very disorganized home, though.  I am constantly reminding them to pick up after themselves, that my desk is not their play place, and reminding my daughter that she can’t use my sharp kitchen knives for her craft projects.  And clean up the paper sniblets on the floor!!!!

They are the homebodies.  Not me!  I need to get out at least once a day, it seems.  (That is, unless my only “errand” is going to the grocery store.  Then I can find a million reasons to stay home.)  Getting the kids to go with me is a real challenge, so if I have to take them I usually bribe them with a slushie or ice cream.

So, how do you balance your needs with those of your kids– the ones that seem to be opposite?  And how do you maintain order in the chaos?

Me and my girl

My daughter and I have been in my home state of OOOOOOOOOOk…..lahoma for the past week visiting my grandmas, aunts, and cousins on my mom’s side.

Meg and I have had a great time being here. Grandma C., my mom, Meg, and I went to get mani/pedis.  It was really cool to have 4 generations of awesome women (and woman to be) sitting in a line of 4 pedicure chairs.  My mom’s sisters live in the same area, and we’ve had lots of get-togethers and dinners (I’ll definitely be going on that diet again when I get home), and on this, our last day, we are going to have one of those fabulous family game nights that even people outside of our family want to attend.  (This started after I moved away… I can’t wait!)  We got to spend time with my Grandma V. and our cousin J., who we hadn’t seen in years.  What a great guy he is.

I treasure the time with my girl and seeing her connect with the extended family. She has been spoiled and loved on and put in time out for fighting with her cousins. 🙂  She has soaked in the love, too.  She seems relaxed, content, and secure.

 We went to a movie, just the two of us, last night.  I drove my dad’s quad cab pick up truck, and she rode right beside me up front.  She wore her fancy cowgirl outfit (her grandpa bought her these fab pink boots and a real “George Straight” hat, and I got her the shirt, jeans, and awesome belt), and we listened to country music (hey, we had to act the part, didn’t we???) on our way there and back.   On our way home we stopped at Braum’s for ice cream.  YUM.

Going back home tomorrow will be bittersweet.  Now I’m looking forward to seeing my boys and my sweetie.  I’m prepping myself to get back in to full-speed-ahead-Mom-mode as I prepare to leave this “village” of family and re-enter the world of extended school year, chauffering, and figuring out what to do with our summer days.  I’m keeping a mental list of things that Meg and I can do together, so that we try to ward off those “sibling woes”. 

What are you all out there doing this summer?