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  1. I love the sound of what you do! I am a teacher certified in the Son-Rise Program and hope, joy and seeing the gift of your child is a big part of what we teach. I would love to know more! Besides speaking engagements and referring resources, do you work with families directly in any way? Do you speak around the country or PA mostly? Do you have any recordings of your talks to get a taste of what you do?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Tali Berman


    • I went to the Option Institute in 2003 to learn how to work with my son. For 6 months I ran a Son-Rise program out of my home with volunteers from a local university! I had the play room set up, the cameras going for feedback, the whole shebang. 6 months was enough for us, although I continue to use what I learned. It made a huge difference in our family. I am not currently working with any families directly, other than local support groups. Currently I am speaking around PA but am willing to go outside for PA! I don’t have a recording right now– it was on a church’s website but is no longer on there now. I may have some recordings of some preaching that I have done, where I mentioned autism and acceptance. Tell me about you now!


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