Here’s my bio.

My passions:

  • My family! For information on my family, click here.
  • Empowering families with “special needs” to live as “normal” lives as possible.  I do this by sharing my family’s journey– tips we’ve learned along the way, finding humor and lightness in our daily life, and sharing resources.
  • Raising awareness in communities so that people with differences are accepted and seen as people of value.
  • Showing others that including those with differences can be easy and beneficial for all.


BA in Music, 1995

Masters in Divinity, 1999


Disability Consultant for non-profits and faith-based organizations– Disability awareness training, autism awareness training

Trained as a “Parent Presenter” by local Early Intervention agency– participated in parent panels for therapists, teachers, and day care workers, spoke at local NAEYC conference, guest lecturer for local special education class at Messiah College

Ordained United Methodist pastor– Currently, I’m on family leave. Duties have included preaching, teaching, administrating, mentoring, modifying curriculum for those with special needs, helping people find places to serve using their talents and gifts, counseling, and more. I also trained “buddies”– people who would walk alongside those with disabilities of all kinds so that they could fully participate in our congregation’s life.

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