Public speaking

Yes, I do public speaking! Here are a few topics:

A serious moment at Autism Awareness Event in Hershey, PA

Autism From the Lighter Side: Characteristics of Autism from a Humorous Point of View (Basic awareness, explanation of Autism)

Autism: The Basics (basic info about autism– more in depth)

Autism Awareness for Kids

Autism Awareness for Teens

Family Antics:  Life with Autism

Examples of training / workshops I have facilitated:

What is Autism and What Does It Mean to Me? Basic autism facts, statistics, and what it means for families and caregivers.

Autism Basics: Volunteer training. Basic autism facts, statistics, and simple but effective ways to make  community events, Scouting, etc.  inclusive and more meaningful for all involved.

“We were not disappointed. She was fun, likable, enthusiastic, and trustworthy. The workshop, attended by parents with autistic kids, curious church members, and Sunday School teachers, was both well-organized and personal.”– Mike R., pastor

At His Feet.  From a Christian perspective– the theological reasons why and the practical ways churches can include people with disabilities and their families.

Buddies: Walking Alongside.  How can we buddy up  with those who have autism and other differences, so that they can be part of our community and treated as the unique, gifted individuals that they are?

These are just some of the possibilities.  Contact me for more information!

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