Things that make my life easier: Wildtree

We had already tried the casein free diet, and were trying our best to stick to it, when a specialist recommended that we do the gluten free, as well.

I cried.

And so my son started the  gluten free / casein free, or gfcf diet, in 2005.   Gluten is a protein in grains such as wheat and barley, and casein is a protein found in milk products.

I began my journey into gfcf cooking, which often times simply flopped.  Happily, I’ve come a long way since then! (I still haven’t figured out how to make gf bread, despite bread machines, mixes, and cookbooks.)

Fast forward a few years.  I was at a local grocery store and saw gfcf chicken nuggets, bagels, donuts, fish sticks, cereal.

I cried again, only this time for joy!

Disclaimer: I am a representative for the company I will talk about next,  and I do make money from Wildtree.

Now, we have several special diets in the house.  GFCF, low sodium, low cholesterol– you get the picture.

Recently I tasted some products from Wildtree, an all natural food company that specializes in quick and easy, allergen friendly meals. Delicious!  And when I went through the product ingredients, my list of things everyone in my family could eat was much longer than the list of things that they couldn’t.  Same for my friend whose son is allergic to peanuts!

I jumped for joy, and then signed up to be a rep, mostly for the life time discount I get on the products, and also to try to make some income for the family.

Life have definitely gotten easier since I signed up to be a rep.   Especially since I can use the natural butter flavor oil for popcorn, in gf shortbread cookies (they taste soooo good), and other things that call for butter. (The butter flavor comes from coconuts.)

Here’s the a healthier, more streamlined, easier 2011!

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  1. GFCF is harder than it sounds – I learned this the hard way when I offered to make a birthday cake for my friend’s daughter who is on a GFCF diet. It took about four attempts to get something vaguely edible. It did lead me to discover Stevia though, so for that I am grateful! The Wildtree products sound great, I can see how they would be a sanity saver!


    • They really are sanity and time savers. When I first saw a catalog, I thought the cost was too high. However, I was amazed at how long the products lasted, and the cost per serving was about the same as the grocery store! So, I spent about the same, got better quality products, and had to shop a lot less often. Score! 🙂 I can also accomodate many special diets, so it has been good for my friends with other dietary issues, too.


  2. […] his value as an employee.  Chef L. thought that my son and I could be study buddies, and since I have a food related business it might be an asset to me as well.  Moreover, I wouldn’t have to pay for the course, only […]


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    Although my son is not currently on the gfcf diet, Wildtree make our lives easier even now. I wanted to share this with all of you!


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