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I’m my son’s classmate?

As I shared in a previous post, my son started going to a new school for his junior year.  He’s studying culinary arts.

One day I got an email asking if I’d consider taking a class with him.  Chef L., the culinary arts instructor, really wants my son to pass his ServSafe certification.  It will open up lots of job opportunities and increased his value as an employee.  Chef L. thought that my son and I could be study buddies, and since I have a food related business it might be an asset to me as well.  Moreover, I wouldn’t have to pay for the course, only the certification exam, and I could use my son’s textbook to study at home.

I agreed.

So far, the results are my own paranoia over germs in my kitchen.  Maybe a good thing here.

  • I’ve found recipes for homemade disinfectants that aren’t bleach based (can’t stand the smell, don’t want bleach spots on my clothes).
  • I made these disinfecting wipes to wipe down everything.  Several times per hour day.
  • I freaked out when my son put his grubby hands in the ice cube bin without washing them first. When I confronted him, he said, “What? They were mostly clean…” and I replied, “Hey!!!  I read the ServSafe book today, mister!!” and he proceeded to begin a competition over who knew more of the text book. Then I said if he would have really read and memorized the text book he would have never stuck his grubby hands in the ice.
  • I dumped out the ice.

We’ll see how this works.  As for now, I am really happy that he will be getting this certification, and I will do all in my power to force encourage him and the family to practice at home.