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Middle School Madness part 2

Well, it’s not so much “madness” anymore, but how else to name this post?  😉

We had an IEP team meeting regarding my boy.  I have to tell you that I have so much more hope now than I did.  (How many times have I said this after one of those meetings?  Maybe three times twice once.)

I discovered at the team meeting that the principal and special ed supervisor insisted that my son have one on one support.  (Gasp! Yes, really!)  That’s why he has a paraprofessional now.  Hooray!  I didn’t have to fight!

We moved him out of the large classes and back into small ones.  Yes!  I let them think it was their idea!

We also decided to honor his request not to be in chorus.  In fact, my little prodigy staged his own “walk out” in protest of his being there.  I was surprised, since he loves music so much and has a nice voice.  However, after finding out that there were 60 middle schoolers in chorus, I totally understood. He has perfect pitch.  Can you imagine being in chorus with 59 other kids?

Seems that he wants to “skip down the yellow line” that divides the hallway like a highway, rather than “stay to the right.”  Kind of funny… “follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road line! However, not so funny when you are running into kids who may just decide to deck you.

So, we decided to let my boy have a later class dismissal, so that the crowds had cleared the hall by the time he was ready to go. That one backfired.  He can’t stand being late, especially to lunch.  So we’re ditching that idea.  We aren’t moving it to an early class dismissal, either, since he’d probably obsess about leaving exactly 2 minutes early.

So that I get the daily communication as specified in the IEP, we are devising a checklist for him to take to each teacher so that I know how his days are going.  This way he gets to know his teachers and they get to know him.

Yes, it went well.  And to my surprise, the special ed supervisor asked if we could have a follow-up meeting within a week so we could see how our solutions are going!  (What? Not having to write another letter requesting a meeting? Wow.)

It went well.  Now we have to see how my boy does with the changes.  It seems to be going well, as I asked him how he liked his new schedule, and he said, “It’s better.” 🙂