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Surprise party

Recently, my middle guy turned 12.

As I have said in a previous post, he is not the easiest kid to shop for.  His answers to all the questions regarding “What would you like for you birthday?” were “I don’t know.”

He definitely knows what he wants to eat, if not what gifts he wants.When we asked him what he wanted to eat on his birthday, he said he wanted to go to Dairy Queen and have an ice cream cake.

So on the morning of his birthday I was still unsure of what we are getting him for his birthday. (We figured it out… that’s another post.)  When I asked him again what he would like, he says, “I can’t wait until my surprise party!”

“Surprise party?” I ask.

Yes, indeed.  He proceeds to give me instructions on how we are going to do this.

First, everyone but my boy will walk into the DQ.  He will walk in slowly while we hide under the tables…

“Okay, stop right there, honey.  I don’t like to be on the floor of fast food restaurants.  Ewww!”

So, change of plan.

This is how it happened:

We got home from DQ with the ice cream cake.  Then my boy went to his room to wait while we set everything up and called Grandma to come over for the festivities.  When everyone was ready, we lit the candles , dimmed the lights, and called to P. that we were ready.

We waiting in anticipation.  Birthday Boy came down the stairs slowly, saying, “Hey, where is everybody? What’s going on?”

Suddenly, we turned on the lights and yelled, “Surprise!”

Birthday boy exclaimed, “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Wow, a surprise party!”

We sang.  We ate. We partied.  And we were happy.

This was the first time that my boy asked for something specific. He made his wishes known.  He pretended, too, which always thrills my heart.

My boy is 12.

Man, do I feel old.