So conflicted!

which way


I’ve been struggling with internal conflict lately.  Here’s an example:

A.  As a mom, especially an “autism” mom, I am passionate about streamlining life, lessening stress, and living inexpensively.  I love to help others do the same thing.

B.  I am involved with 4 home businesses that depend on events and sales– which means I depend upon scheduling events and people buying things, despite the economy and hectic schedules of everyone around me.

Seem like these two don’t match.  Especially since I don’t want to be a hypocrite!

As I did some soul searching and pondering today, I realized that my three direct sales businesses are all about health, sustainability, saving money (in the long run), and clearing out junk from pantry, medicine cabinet, and closet.  The 4th one, my scrabble tile jewelry business, re-purposes game pieces and gives people truly meaningful gifts, rather than “junk to dust,” as my mother in law says.  All four businesses support small businesses and / or small farmers, fair trade, and the environment.

So I guess I can say that, even though I depend on people to buy things, they are things that will save time, money, and stress.  At least, that’s my experience and my hope for others.

This economy, and the shift that is going on in the United States and globally toward sustainable living and fair practices and fair trade, has really gotten me thinking about what I contribute and how I teach my kiddos to live and act. Recently, my husband and I watched a documentary called Money and Life and we’ve decided to make changes.  What changes they will be are yet to be seen, but we are considering our family life, home, and work. What is truly valuable?

So this is the start of my ramblings of my inner conflicts and how I work through them, and teach my kiddos along the way.

Can you relate?  If so, what do you do?

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