My Jill of all trades life

Life has been very interesting lately!

We had a family crisis at the beginning of the year, and are still readjusting.  We had hospitalizations, therapy, and emotional phone calls. Despite it all, my kids are doing great, and my family is still wonderfully intact!

In the midst of everything, I have found several ways to do “self therapy.”  As I’ve written before, I am a Wildtree representative, and we just got our organic certification.  I have been having tasting parties, relaxing, getting some extra income, and making friends.  My support system has multiplied!

I also went to a doTerra class, and learned about essential oils.  I wanted the vitamins, and to get them economically I had to pay a membership fee… which means I’m a rep for doTerra now.  LOL!  I have already discovered these wonderful oil blends that helped my kiddos sleep and really made a difference in their behavior at church today. I’ve found a blend that helped me deal with a stressful situation yesterday.   Hooray!

So, I do Wildtree, doTerra… and now I’m making jewelry out of scrabble tiles.  I’m having fun! It’s like therapy for me.  I can make tile jewelry rather quickly, and it’s almost like an immediate gratification project.  I’ve actually sold some!

My autism awareness scrabble tile pendants

My autism awareness scrabble tile pendants

I’m also possibly doing aromatherapy pendants.  At the doTerra class I was asked if I could make some, and I’m experimenting.

I’ve done some public speaking. I’ve mentioned before that I’m also an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church.  I was able to fill in for a friend during Holy Week– I did three services over Easter.  I also spoke to a group of moms of kiddos with autism and other special needs in February. Maybe I’ll post that sometime… I got some great laughs and was able to help other moms “reset” that day


I kind of like my Jill of all trades life.  It fits my adhd tendencies.  I have a  feeling I may never “get rich” with so many thing to “focus” on, but I am having fun.  I’m meeting the most incredible people.  Most of all, I feel that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing right now, and that helps me see the “lighter side” of our lives with autism.

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  1. Posted by Cheryl on April 22, 2013 at 8:03 am

    You are AMAZING!! God is truly working in and through your life!! You go girl..what an inspiration!


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