Netflix addiction

Hello.  My name is Elizabeth.  And I am addicted to Netflix

Specifically, I am addicted to the show Bones.  It all started when I was enticed by a web ad for free Netflix.  I wanted access to movies for the class that I teach, so I subscribed.

And then the journey down, down, down began.  See, not having cable / sattelite/ dsl tv, I was enslaved to an old fashioned antenna for many years to satisfy my tv watching pleasure.  Netflix opened up a whole new world to me.

First, I watched two seasons of The Killing in 4 days.

Then, I found Hot in Cleveland and watched all the episodes in one week.

Now, I am addicted to the show Bones.  Supposedly it’s a big hit show in its 7th season or something.  But I am on Season 2 and working my way through each episode.  After I get my Wildtree calls done, I can watch up to 4 episodes… per day.

And you know what, dear reader?  I think Temperence Brennen has Asperger’s.  Just sayin’.  And she’s a hero.
So I have renewed hope here!  My boys are awesome!  And my girl can kick butt, even thought she’s not a spectrum kiddo!

And now, I must go… I have to find out if Brennen and Booth will solve the next case and admit they they love each other.  Shhhhh….. don’t tell me!!!!!!

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