Summer is here… insanity is near…

My kids’ last day of school was yesterday.  They were home for an hour and already bored.

My oldest still has trouble believing that I don’t become a recreational director once school is out.  He couldn’t believe how bored he was.  He kept moping around, sighing.

The other two were just watching tv.  I’ve already had to tell them a million thousand hundred  several times to pick stuff up, don’t eat in the family room, and stop hitting one another.

Today my middle guy and I put up a canopy.  It’s one of those things that about 10 by 20 feet and is made to keep a car under.  Here’s a link to one. Anyway, we did a great job.  I was proud of his helping.  His TSS helped us a lot.  We were proud of ourselves and gave each other high fives.

His next question to me was, “So, Mom, did I earn electronics?”

He did.  He certainly did.

We ate a picnic lunch under the canopy.  We noticed some fire ants.  My daughter, who wants to be a zoologist when she grows up, told me some interesting ant facts.

It has been a great day.

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