Converse. Repeat. Converse. Repeat.

Last night I told my middle guy to go up and take a shower.

Before he could answer, I had my own conversation with him alone and outloud. The following is my little monolog:

“Philip, go take a shower.

What?! Why?

“Because I said so.




Philip stood there, looking at me a little dumbfounded.  Then he just said one thing.

“Let’s start over.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! i just did the SAME thing last night. Tommy wasn’t in the room though. He had already gone upstairs. It was husband standing there looking at me like that I CRAZY! “you ok honey?” uhhh.. yeah. I’m SO ok lol


    • I’ve done this under my breath too, with all of my kiddos. My oldest catches me and hates it. For for example, I’ll tell him, “Unload the dishwasher, please.” Then I’ll answer myself, quietly, “I don’t want to right now.” Or “Why?” Or, “I always have to do your work.” And then he stomps off into the kitchen and does it.


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