All or nothing

I was reminded a few days ago that, yes, my son is still an “all or nothing boy.”

He has to be completely barefoot or have both his socks and shoes on.

He doesn’t do anything half way.  He doesn’t make small messes, they are big ones!

In his piano lessons, he won’t just play the right or left hand.  It has to be both.  If instructed to play just the treble, someone else has to play the bass.

In church he boycotted the music portion and went to sit in the coat area, because the violin and viola weren’t there that week.  The band was incomplete.

He can’t just wear his swim trunks, he also has to have a swim shirt.

At camp, he was supposed to take at least two pairs of shoes, in case it rained.  He only wears his sneakers, so I threw in his “swim shoes” that he wears to the beach. I figured that he could wear these to go puddle jumping, and he could also wear them in the shower.

No deal.

He said, “Oh….. so I’m just supposed to get naked and wear only my swim shoes?!?”

“IN THE SHOWER!” I exclaimed, because I really didn’t want that to happen.

“Oh.  Well, um, I don’t like it.”

“Fine. You don’t have to.”

Had to be completely naked in the shower, or have his complete swim outfit on.

All or nothing, that’s my boy.

2 responses to this post.

  1. hahahaha!!!! this reminds me of our son, jake. to the T. 🙂 i love how matter of fact they are. i can relate. it’s most fun to share this humor with other parents of autism. thank you for sharing.


  2. You are welcome! You never know what they are going to come up with!


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