Storage, mopped, thighs… what???

I think this record breaking heat has gotten to my oldest kid.  I’ve been really enjoying hearing his vocabulary lately.

For instance, he asked if he could go to the store to buy something.

“Do you have money?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s in storage.”


“Yes, stor-… I mean, savings.”


Hee hee.

He’s also really into driving lately… he turns 16 in a couple of weeks, but is nowhere near ready to drive.  Trust me.  But he’s looking at things like motorcycles and scooters.

He also tends to stay things out of the blue that make no connection to what I’m doing at the time.  One of those times I was… yes… in the kitchen! He came into tell me something highly urgent.

“I want to get a mopped.”

“Huh? You want to mop?”


“You need a mop?  Where’s the mess?”

“NO!!  I want to get a mopped!”

My husband, who was in the living room, responded (and I imagine that he was rolling his eyes), “He means a moped.”

“Yeah, a moped,” he said.  But he needs “paranental” (parental) permission to drive one.

Score two for me for not laughing my head off… out loud, at least.

And the third example I’ll share:

“Stepmom, can we have that thigh stuff with dinner?”

After my initial inward reaction of “Ewwww… gross!!!”, I asked him what he meant.  He got out the yummy Wildtree Thai Sesame Sunbutter sauce in the fridge. (We’re a peanut free company, so our thai sauce is made from sesame and sunflower seeds.) So, we dipped our chicken tenders in the thigh stuff Thai sauce.

Kids say the darnedest things, huh…

I love Lynn’s daughter’s version of “manicure.”  Read about it here.

So what funny things do your kids say?

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