Me and my girl

My daughter and I have been in my home state of OOOOOOOOOOk…..lahoma for the past week visiting my grandmas, aunts, and cousins on my mom’s side.

Meg and I have had a great time being here. Grandma C., my mom, Meg, and I went to get mani/pedis.  It was really cool to have 4 generations of awesome women (and woman to be) sitting in a line of 4 pedicure chairs.  My mom’s sisters live in the same area, and we’ve had lots of get-togethers and dinners (I’ll definitely be going on that diet again when I get home), and on this, our last day, we are going to have one of those fabulous family game nights that even people outside of our family want to attend.  (This started after I moved away… I can’t wait!)  We got to spend time with my Grandma V. and our cousin J., who we hadn’t seen in years.  What a great guy he is.

I treasure the time with my girl and seeing her connect with the extended family. She has been spoiled and loved on and put in time out for fighting with her cousins. 🙂  She has soaked in the love, too.  She seems relaxed, content, and secure.

 We went to a movie, just the two of us, last night.  I drove my dad’s quad cab pick up truck, and she rode right beside me up front.  She wore her fancy cowgirl outfit (her grandpa bought her these fab pink boots and a real “George Straight” hat, and I got her the shirt, jeans, and awesome belt), and we listened to country music (hey, we had to act the part, didn’t we???) on our way there and back.   On our way home we stopped at Braum’s for ice cream.  YUM.

Going back home tomorrow will be bittersweet.  Now I’m looking forward to seeing my boys and my sweetie.  I’m prepping myself to get back in to full-speed-ahead-Mom-mode as I prepare to leave this “village” of family and re-enter the world of extended school year, chauffering, and figuring out what to do with our summer days.  I’m keeping a mental list of things that Meg and I can do together, so that we try to ward off those “sibling woes”. 

What are you all out there doing this summer?


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  1. 4 generations getting pedicures? I thought that only happened in the movies. How lovely.


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