Things that make my life easier: Ice Cube Trays

I while back I wrote about hooksVelcro, my coffee press, and my electric water kettle.

These things continue to make my life easier, as far as time management, including the family in clean up, and overall messes.

Now I’m going to share how something else makes my life easier, and dare I say, cushier!

Ready?  Dum dada dum!  It’s the lowly ice cube tray!!!

The humble ice cube tray. Photo by E. Givler

Freezing coffee– I get my frozen latte whenever I want and I don’t have to drive anywhere!  I make up some strong coffee, freeze it in ice cube trays, and then use the coffee cubes to make frappes and other frozen coffee drinks.  Of course, this works only when we remember to buy milk.

Freezing lemon juice– Same deal as the coffee, only I use the lemon juice in recipes, as ice cubes in tea / water, or to make slushies.  Just another way to take time for my

Uh oh, running out of coffee cubes! Photo by E. Givler

self during the day.

Freezing fresh herbs– I read somewhere that I could use my herbs year round by snipping them, putting them in ice cube trays, and  pouring water over the herbs to make an “herb cube”. When I want to make a sauce or soup with the herbs, I just drop the cube in the boiling mixture!  It works great.

By the way, I measured, and each cube= 2 Tablespoons. Makes measuring a little easier.

Organizing– Recently we got a fridge with an ice maker.  I had these nifty ice cube  trays with lids that I didn’t need to use anymore.  I repurposed them to organize this boxful of fabulous 80’s earrings my sweet cousin gave to me and my daughter!  They are all organized and stacked in the closet.

Painting– I used an old ice cube tray for painting.  I put a different color in each cube, and then painted my heart out.  At the end I just rinsed the tray.  A lot less messy.

Enjoying my frozen latte on a hot day. Aaah! Photo by E. Givler

Might not seem like much, but these ice cube trays make it easier to  “indulge” my self with my lattes, frozen lemonades, playing dressup with my daughter, and embracing my crafty side.  🙂

So what little tips do you have to share?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh WOW!
    I’m impressed!

    What fabulous ideas you have there….I’m SO stealing them!


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