Spring fever

It’s been a weird week, and I think my spring fever has affected my brain.

My routine is off. The kids were off school Monday for Spring  Break (the more “pc” term for Easter holiday), then there was a two hour delay later in the week due to bad weather.

My spring fever is making me try new things– I applied for a teaching job at a local college.  I’ve worked on my talk that I’m giving in a couple of weeks.

The spring fever has led me to “nest.” I’ve been reusing / recycling things around my house to make my living room / office a better place to work.

By the way, I think I’ll really like the chocolate brown + robin’s egg blue, and I’m going to throw some orange accents around.  I read somewhere that deep brown is relaxing, the blue promotes serenity, and the orange will energize me.

Lord knows that I need all three desperately right now. At times during this past week, I’ve felt that I could fall asleep standing up.

My concentration hasn’t been all that great. Today I used a drop spreader to spread some granules on my front lawn.  (For you who are lawn and garden challenged, like me: a drop spreader is a push cart thingy that holds granules of lawn food, etc.  When the wheels turn, it “drops” the granules evenly on the grass.)  This time I used weed and feed,  killing the bad stuff (“weed…”) and fertilizing the good stuff (“… and feed”).  Our dandelions are out of this world, and I finally remembered to take care of this amidst all of the other stuff happening.

Somehow I missed the part about putting 5 feet between passes.  Instead, I spread the weed and feed like I was mowing the yard.  Not 5 feet, but 0 feet between passes. I used the whole bag, which was supposed to cover 5000 square feet of lawn, in half of my front yard.

My husband says we’ll have to mow twice as often this summer.  Since we pay Josh to mow, we could be in debt… all because of a $10 bag of weed and feed.

And  in between all of this, my kids have been very unusual.  No, seriously, more unusual than usual.

Philip got “star of the week” in music at school, and played a song while the school chorus sang it.  This is unusual, but it is pretty cool!

Josh worked again, and is loving his job.  Since he’s started his job, he has also been calmer.  He’s also been sleeping more. A good unusual.

And my daughter has started being more of a girly girl and less of a tomboy.  She’s growing her hair so she can have a pony tail.  Perhaps this isn’t unusual– maybe it’s a new usual.

Spring fever has hit. Everyone is growing, along with the grass (and hopefully NOT the dandelions).   And I don’t know if my brain will keep up.  Where’s that personal assistant?

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  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! I do not have a green thumb at all and make Bob handle anything outside (which is why our yard gets mowed but not much else!)


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