This is me! (Where’s my pants?!?)


Drawing by my beautiful daughter

BB’s mum over at Mum Accepting Autism tagged me for a meme!  My first meme!

It’s simple.  You have your child/ children draw you, post it, link to the “this is me linky,”  and then tag others to do the same.

The boys refused to do it, the stinkers.  But my daughter was very excited and happy to oblige!

Note: I asked what happened to my pants.  She rolled her eyes and told me it was a dress.  Well, I do not wear dresses that short, nor do I own a pair of red heels :-).  But as she states, she is the fashion person, not me.  So maybe I should own a mini and some funky red heels! And some shiny red lipstick.  (My husband totally agrees, by the way.)

My eyes are blue, that’s true. And they probably are wide much of the time (as in, Stop that right now!) Perhaps my fists are clenched part of the time. My hair does have highlights in it, and once she drew me so my head looked like a beautiful autumn leaf display.  This time it’s brown.  I wonder if my neck is really that thick… I’ll go check…. hmmm… nope.  (Whew!)

So now it’s my turn to tag…

Danette at Everyday Adventures

Trish at Another Piece of the Puzzle

Big Daddy at Big Daddy Autism

Have fun, and don’t forget to link to the linky.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Um, nice tiny dainty feet you have there. Do you share shoes with Shaq?

    I’ll see if I can get Griffin to draw me. I’ll probably end up looking like wilford Brimley.


  2. I KNEW you’d be the type to wear fabulous shoes! If you don’t own a pair, this is a sign that you ought to buy some. (Great excuse, yes?)


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