Woo hoo, the ultimate blog party

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Elizabeth Givler.  Here’s my family picture:

Photo by Kathryn Dixon Photography

Aren’t we cute?

I’m pretty new at this.  I began blogging in December 2010.  And I just read about the Ultimate Blog Party today, so I’m so happy to meet all of you who are joining in!

I blog about autism from the lighter side.  Both my stepson (the oldest kid in the back) and my son (with his head to the side… that’s just what he does when the camera is sidways!) have autism spectrum disorders.  My daughter has no diagnosis other than extreme creativity!

I blog about the lighter side of life.  I was very afraid when my sons were diagnosed with autism.

I don’t remember how long it took, but one day I saw the lighter side. I could either approach this with a sense of humor or drown in frustration and sorrow.

I chose the humorous approach.  Then came advocacy, social stories, educational journeys… and I approached them also with as much humor and lightness as I possibly could.

Humor and lightness are the approaches that work for me.  Yes, I still get frustrated, and yes, we still have our “moments”, however every day there is laughter in my house.

The goal of my blog is to share with you the ways I have found to lighten the load and brighten my days, and share what I have learned and continue to learn along the way.  Comments are welcome.  Thank you for stopping by!

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