Sensory bowling?

January 30, 2011 was my son’s 11th birthday.  February 2 was my daughter’s 7th birthday.  January 23rd, a week before my son’s birthday, was my niece’s 16th birthday.

Exciting time  for the family!

The extended family met once again at the bowling alley.  There were two birthday cakes and one plate of rice crispie treats, all with candles.   Fun was had by all!

I was surprised at how relaxed my son was at the bowling alley.  He laid down on the wooden floor by the ball return.  I kept telling asking him to sit in one of the chairs, but he kept returning to the floor.

I finally gave up.

My sister- in-law remarked that Philip was very relaxed.  She then said that Philip was probably getting a good massage there on the floor.  The vibrations from the balls, pins, footsteps, jumping up and down and screaming, etc. probably felt really good on his back.

Way to go, sister in law!  Way to observe!  Good advocating!

Bowling is such a great way for our family to get together and relax.  Recently one of my nephews and one of my nieces were diagnosed with Asperger’s.  Bowling gives all the kids, on and off the spectrum, a chance to play, focus on a repetitive action, and relax knowing exactly what is expected of them. Oh, and get a free massage on the floor.

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  1. What a great point. Except bowling alley floors just about gross me out more than anything, so I totally would have been trying to convince him to get off the floor, too! 🙂


    • LOL. The floor wasn’t too bad, as it was right beside the ball return. His cousins were very understanding as they side-stepped around him to bowl! 😉


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