What’s next, flying meat?

Who says that folks with autism have no sense of humor?

My oldest son proved that to be false when he moved in with us.  I’m going to let you know about an inside joke.

When Josh first moved in he loved going to the grocery store.  (Dispells another myth, too!) On one of our trips, he “helped” bag the groceries and put them in the cart while I checked out.  He put the green bell peppers in their own bag on the bottom of the cart.

As I wheeled the cart out of the store, Josh started laughing and running. The peppers had rolled out of the bag and were headed toward the parking lot.

“Oh, no, rolling peppers!”  he laughed.

We ran out, collected the peppers, and put them safely in the basket.

“Rolling peppers.  What’s next, flying meat?” Josh picked up a roast out of the cart and began making it fly like super man.

We laughed and laughed all the way home.  Then we came up with other things.

My infant daughter would drop food on the floor.  I’d say, “Falling grapes!  What’s next?” Josh would find something to say.  “Flying green beans?”  Which I’d counter, “There better not be!” And we’d laugh.

We have other jokes, too.  Like those lawyer commercials where they say the name of the firm and then a big “DONG” plays.  Once we parked in a law firm’s lot after hours.

“Look where we are!  It’s Metzger Wickersham!”


Dare I say that we were “generalizing” through these jokes? 🙂

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