Top 5 things I do for sanity

Well, I suppose “sanity” is questionable 🙂 but these are things I do to distress.  People have often asked me how I “do it all”.  (The answer: I don’t!  Maybe that’s one way I keep my sanity, but that’s another post. )

So here’s my top 5. For now.

Exercise.  I never thought I’d say this, but it’s true!  I recently joined my local Curves, and made a routine to drop my elementary kiddos off at school and head immediately to Curves.  I zone out and get my heart pumping, workout my frustrations and worries on the machines, and then go on my merry way after only a half hour.  It does wonders for me!

Read. I lose myself in books and magazines.  I have yet to get an  e-reader thing.  I may just do that, but for now I love the feel of a book in my hands.  Note: I’m talking about reading for fun, not autism research. (Although I do both!)

Organize.  My family gets in ruts where we can’t find stuff.  I go on these organizing “blitzes” and life is simplified, at least for the moment.

Go to breakfast with other moms.  I am blessed to have a great community where all of my kids are treated as, well, kids.  No staring at behaviors, and lots of support, laughter, and acceptance. We can get together and talk about anything.

Talk on the phone with my mom. She’s  the best listener ever.  She doesn’t try to fix things, either.  She lets me vent to get things “out of my system” and then we move on.

What do you do for your sanity?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Does Prozac count?

    Seriously, I love to read as well. Recently, I have been watching a variety of sci fi and detective shows on Netflix when my brain isn’t even together enough to read.

    Cleaning and organizing can be good, but only if I am in the right mood. Blogging is definitely a stress reliever for me, too.


    • Yes, I think it counts, Trish! Meds can be a great sanity saver!

      I am going though “book withdrawal.” With the two new businesses I have started (Wildtree and teaching clarinet lessons) my reading time has decreased. Don’t get me wrong– I’m grateful for the work and the extra income!

      Cleaning and organizing– mood does have to be right! I booked that special with Mommy Time Massage… Friday is another massage plus three hours of cleaning!


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