Things I do for my Sanity: Massage for Mommy

I just had the most wonderful massage. It was a hot stone massage at my home—when the kids were at school! I found Mommy Time Massage through Foxfinds, who advertised a 50% off special!

I rarely talk through massages. I usually just lay there like a lump and sometimes the therapist must wake me when it’s time to roll over.

This time was different.

Beth, the therapist, had lots of experience with autism. She has worked with kiddos of all ages on the spectrum, including teen age boys. She was able to tell me about programs that we had been unsuccessfully trying to find for my teenager. Bonus: the programs are close by! She understood very well the things that aren’t so “light” that we’ve been dealing with lately, and I felt hope once again when I heard about the options out there.

So, even though I talked through the massage rather than deeply relaxing, my body relaxed and so did my worried mind. I am looking forward to my next massage with Beth. However, next time we’ve agreed not to talk!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Oooo, that sounds lovely… the massage and the conversation!


  2. I definitely believe that there was divine intervention!


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